Benefits of Consolidating Chugach Electric & ML&P
Lower long-term electric rates
Member-owned cooperative
No property tax increases
Greater efficiency = lower costs
No layoffs at either utility
Good for local economy
Anchorage residents, businesses, and community organizations support the Chugach Electric-ML&P Consolidation.
Selling ML&P to any other operator than Chugach Electric does nothing to solve Anchorage's flawed and inefficient two-utility system. That is why last summer's Assembly resolution did not call for the sale of ML&P alone, but instead urged both utilities and the municipality to explore a merger.
Assemblyman Chris ConstantAnchorage Assemblyman, District 1

With the recent dramatic rise in electric rates in Anchorage, businesses have been hit hard - especially large rate payers like hospitals, hotels, and large office buildings.  The purchase of ML&P by Chugach Electric Association is a critical step to bringing these ballooning costs under control for all ratepayers in the coming years.  And, it will keep control of Anchorage’s electric grid in the hands of Anchorage’s citizens. This is a good deal for our city.

Wally Hickel Jr.Hotel Captain Cook, Chairman & CEO, Hickel Investments

This is an issue that has been talked about for decades in Anchorage and one that I am very happy to support for many reasons.

Tom McGrathformer owner, Frigid North Electronics Co.

This is a good, reasonable option to present to voters and let voters decide.

Amy DemboskiAnchorage Assembly, Jan. 23, 2018

BOTTOM LINE: Sale of ML&P looks like a good move on good terms.

Anchorage Daily NewsEditorial Board, Jan. 13, 2018

AEDC feels that Anchorage's electric utility marketplace is a key element to our city's future economic health and competitiveness.

Bill PoppCEO, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation